Your contacts at International Relations

International Relations Offices

The international relations offices are the relays of the International Affairs and Relations Department in the components. They are located as close as possible to the students and are their main contacts for all matters relating to international mobility

The International Mobility Centre in Rennes

The International Mobility Centre provides services to international students, doctoral candidates and researchers concerned by mobility on the Rennes site. Its objective is to improve the reception of incoming students and to contribute to the development of student mobility in Rennes.

The Rennes International Mobility Centre will help you before, during and after your stay. Before your arrival, to prepare your departure, on your arrival, the CMI offers a range of services to help you settle in Rennes, and during your stay, the CMI offers a programme of cultural and tourist activities to help you discover Rennes and its region and organises intercultural events.

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The Direction of International Affairs and Relations

The Department of International Affairs and Relations (DARI) implements the international strategy of the University of Rennes. The University of Rennes is firmly committed to developing its international cooperation and in the short term wishes to have 8 to 10 privileged partnerships.

Under the authority of the university's management bodies and in liaison with the training and research components and central services, the International Affairs and Relations Department carries out the following missions:

  • Implementation of the institution's international relations policy
  • Implementation of international cooperation agreements (training, research, etc.)
  • Articulation of Training - Research - International Cooperation
  • Global processing of international information and assistance to projects
  • Coordination of all of the institution's international activities in training and research (except for the Community FPRD)
  • Own management of certain major international programmes or contracts
  • Management of incoming and outgoing mobility of students and staff

The DARI works with international correspondents (in the components and research units) and with the international relations offices (in particular for all student mobility management).

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