Villejean Health Campus

Located in the north of Rennes, the Villejean campus brings together all the training components (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry) and the health research units of Rennes 1. The immediate proximity of the campus to the Pontchaillou University Hospital Centre (CHU) guarantees a quality interface between teaching and practice. The presence, on the same site, of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique reinforces this dimension and makes the Villejean campus an essential link in an ecosystem of training and research dedicated to health.
Campus de Villejean


The faculties of medicine, pharmacy and odontology are located on the Villejean campus. Like the First Common Year of Health Studies (PACES), this geographical proximity makes it possible to create a common culture between students with different curricula but often complementary fields.


In addition to the Rennes Clinical Investigation Centre, the Villejean campus has two host teams and five joint research units. More than 600 people (researchers, teacher-researchers, university professors and hospital practitioners and administrative or technical staff) work on the Rennes 1 health campus.

Info Relay Students

Run by students on campus, trained and employed by the university, the Student Information Points are the place to find all the practical information (CROUS, Caf, mutual insurance companies, STAR, etc.) and good deals (cultural, associative, sporting or scientific events offered by Rennes 1 or by associations). A place of conviviality and exchange between students, the "PIE" also acts as a relay between students and university services.

The Villejean Info Point is located in the cafeteria.