The university libraries

3 university libraries and 18 local libraries welcome students, teacher-researchers, staff and the general public to work on site, get information and read documents.

Your libraries

Three university libraries are open to the public from Monday to Saturday on the university's campuses:

Explore the BUs in pictures: a virtual visit from the presentation page of each BU.

Also to be discovered: the local libraries

The libraries services

The libraries offer a variety of services for students, teachers, researchers and university staff.
BU users can work on site, consult documents, borrow them, use computers, print, copy.
Si un document n'est pas disponible, les BU proposent de le faire venir via le prêt entre bibliothèques.
Déposer une thèse ? Obtenir un quitus ? Découvrir tous les services proposés par les bibliothèques universitaires sur le site web des BU.

Collections and resources

The 3 BUs offer nearly 420,000 books dont 23,000 old books and 10,000 new books each year.

They provide access to the university's online documentary resources: numerous ebooks, digital documents, online journals and databases, all of which can be consulted remotely.

Online resources can be found on the BU website.

Explore the documents of the University of Rennes 1

Supernova, the search engine in the collections of the University of Rennes 1, references documents available on site or online: books, articles, ebooks, etc.

Other complementary search tools are available:

  • Online magazines, to find a journal to which the libraries subscribe,
  • Synthèses, to search for a thesis from the University of Rennes 1 that can be consulted online.

Gain knowledge, get trained

The BUs of the University of Rennes 1 provide training in documentary research for students enrolled at the university, from bachelor's to doctorate level. These courses are organised in collaboration with the teachers and schooling services of the various courses in order to meet the specific needs of students. The SCD assists course leaders in developing specific documentary training courses.

The three university libraries also offer Les ateliers de la BU, to explore a documentary question in a maximum of one hour, during lunchtime. They are open to all.

Open access and open science at the University of Rennes 1

The University of Rennes 1 has created an institutional open archive HAL-Rennes 1 in order to promote free access to the scientific publications of its research units. Each laboratory, or even each research team, now has a HAL collection that enables it to promote and present an up-to-date overview of its scientific production. This mission has been carried out since 2011 by the joint documentation service and the research and innovation department.

The university's Open Science website provides all the keys to discover the subject with confidence.