Two cards for your academic year

Registration, library, transport, university restaurants... The two cards to have for the academic year.
Carte KorriGo Services

The European Student Card

At the beginning of the academic year, the tuition service gives you the European student card with the INE number and proof of registration at the university.

The KorriGo Services card, a single card for your travel and services on campus

All the services you need for your campus life on a single card










From September 2021, with your KorriGo Services card, you can :

  • borrow books from your university library
  • print and photocopy
  • access sports activities organised by the SIUAPS (Interuniversity Service for Physical Activities and Sports)
  • pay for your meals in the Resto'U and the Crous cafet. To do this, you need to credit your "Izly" account on the internet or on the smartphone application.

And to enjoy life in Rennes, the KorriGo Services card also gives you access to:

  • at the municipal swimming pools of Rennes,
  • at the Champs Libres and the 11 Rennes libraries,
  • to the SORTIR! package.

Please note that the KorriGo Services card is free when it is first created.

How to get a KorriGo Services card?

=> All practical information on the Docinfo website
=> Need assistance for the KorriGo Services card? A ticket in the support tool (direct link)*