Student Associations

Community projects encourage the spirit of initiative and civic awareness as well as students' personal development. Through the diversity of its student association network, the University of Rennes benefits from this wealth which contributes to its dynamism and influence, and it recognises the fundamental role of community life in the institution.

Bring Your Projects to Life!

The Student Services Centre (PVE) assists students and student associations at the University of Rennes in developing and implementing their projects by providing:

Student Association Charter

The student association charter recognised by the University of Rennes contributes to the development of this community life.

With this charter, the university wishes to officially recognise the student associations that bring life to the campuses, to showcase their work and to give them the means to make student life more dynamic.

Project Funding

Some 126 student projects were backed by the university in 2018-2019, representing over €220,000 in subsidies granted as part of the FSDIE scheme.

Organisation of Festive and Induction Events

In accordance with the student association charter of the University of Rennes, for each festive and/or induction event organised by a student association domiciled at the university a prior declaration must be made to the Health and Safety Department (DPSE): dpse-efratuniv-rennes [dot] fr
The university will also support you by providing a training and prevention plan.

In this context, your event can be recognised by a Responsible Festive Event badge (EFR in French).
This badge is awarded according to certain assessment criteria, in particular in terms of security, prevention and rescue and is vital for obtaining FSDIE funding.

How to obtain the EFR badge
  1. Send a completed health and safety document to dpse-efratuniv-rennes [dot] fr
  2. Wait for the DPSE's response

When the EFR badge has been issued, you can place the logo on your communication tools for the event in question.

How to obtain FSDIE funding
  1. Issuance of the EFR badge
  2. Opinion of the student life commission (CVE)
  3. Deliberation by the training and student life commission (CFVE)

The funding conditions for festive events are specified in Article 2.2.2 of the FSDIE charter of the university.

A training and prevention day is organised each term by the Student Health Service (SSE) to provide support in organising a responsible festive and/or induction event.  More info here.

Student Associations

Many student associations are present on campus in various fields of activity. These include associations for different study pathways, culture, sport, the environment and sustainable development, solidarity, science and technology, to name but a few.

You will find these in the directory of student organisations on the university's student portal.

Want to create your own association? The PVE can provide support in doing so and in obtaining approval or registration by the university.