Sports Activities

The Inter-University Department for Physical and Sports Activities (SIUAPS) of the Universities of Rennes, offers a choice of activities and facilities that enable students to practice a sport throughout their university studies. The city of Rennes also provides access to numerous quality facilities including swimming pools, stadiums, an ice rink, etc. and organises major sports events throughout the year.

Discover and Choose Your Activity at the University of Rennes

With over 40 activities available at the university, you can continue your favourite sport or discover something new, and you can organise your activities to suit your schedule. The first step is to pay the CVEC student contribution (see administrative formalities).

► Discover all the sports facilities available on our campuses such as a dojo, training rooms, tennis courts, swimming pool, stadiums and more.

► In Rennes, you can have access to two weight training and physical fitness rooms during the opening hours, on Beaulieu and Villejean campuses (the card costs €42 and provides unlimited access for the academic year).

►In Rennes and in Saint-Brieuc, competitions can be organised through university sports associations. Students willing to participate in competitions must have an FFSU card (€15 in Rennes, €20 in Saint-Brieuc), and obtain a medical certificate allowing the practice of sport at competition level.

Registration and Payment

​► Pre-registration has to be done online
► Validation of your pre-registration

Main List/Waiting List

If you managed to register on the main list, you can go directly to the sport activity, wearing an appropriate outfit. The teacher will determine if your level matches that of the course, and validate your registration accordingly.

If you do not come to the first course, your place for the course will be given to another student from the waiting list.
If you were unable to register on the main list, you can be alerted via email if a place becomes available during the year.

​► Payment: participation in one course (one weekly session) is free, once you have paid the student contribution. Exchange students do not have to pay this. Check on the Campus France website to determine whether or not you have to pay this contribution. Participation in a second course costs €30 per year (to be paid online on the SIUAPS website).

Sport as Part of your Studies

You can choose a sport for your own personal development or integrate it into your studies as a CU (course unit), and in this way make the most of a sporting strength.
You can also obtain ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System) depending on your study department and your sports activity.

Check if you can get an evaluation and ECTS points ►HERE