Our Commitment to Equality and Women's Rights

The university is committed to supporting all students in their studies and future career paths and to promoting equality and diversity through several adapted measures as well as through awareness and prevention campaigns

Issues, Objectives and Key Figures

Striving for gender balance and valuing staff equally

  • Promoting gender balance in examination panels, committees, commissions, councils, etc.
  • Supporting the return of staff after parental leave
  • Helping staff to strike a balance between work and personal life
  • Pursuing the gender equality policy for awards and distinctions recognising work and careers

Motivating female high school and university students to take up scientific studies

  • Supporting the scientific and technological vocation of female students
  • Encouraging female high school students to opt for scientific careers, in particular through the project entitled Filles et maths: une équation lumineuse
  • Encouraging female students to pursue a PhD and a career in science
  • Promoting studies and training on gender and gender equality issues by collaborating with and drawing on the expertise of Université Rennes 2 (which organises Les mardis de l'égalité)

Key Dates

Key actions:

Fighting Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Violence and Discrimination

Secure e-mail addresses have been set up. These are managed by staff of the student health services and responses are given in strict confidentiality.

  • For students: vss-sseatuniv-rennes [dot] fr
  • For staff: vss-smutatuniv-rennes [dot] fr
Within the university, you can also notify the internal team for the fight against harassment, gender-based violence and discrimination by writing to harcelement-discriminationatuniv-rennes [dot] fr

If you are aware of a situation that could be a case of sexual harassment, do not hesitate to report it to the doctor concerned. Advice and answers can be found in the vade-mecum published by ANEF, CLASCHES and CPED.