Renewal of the framework agreement between the University of Chiba and the University of Rennes

On the occasion of the 4th renewal of the framework agreement and the mobility application agreements with the University of Chiba, the University of Rennes welcomed a delegation to the Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur on Monday 19 June. This agreement will open up new prospects for both students and researchers in the chemical and materials sciences.
Photo de groupe devant la Cité Internationale

New opportunities

The delegation from Chiba, made up of Prof. Hiroaki Ozawa, Executive Vice-President for Education, Ms. Shuko Tokisato, in charge of the International Students Division, and Ms. Yuki Motokawa, Member for International Affairs, met with David Alis, President of the University of Rennes, Muriel Hissler, Vice-President of the Academic Council's Research Commission, Sébastien Le Picard, Vice-President, European and International Strategy, Maëlle Flot, Director of International Relations and Luc Savy, in charge of International Relations at Saint-Brieuc IUT.

On the agenda is the renewal of the framework agreement and the mobility application agreements between the two universities, which will open up new opportunities for students and researchers alike:

  • BUT 2 and BUT 3 undergraduate internships in a laboratory at the University of Chiba;
  • Hosting Master's level trainees from the University of Chiba at the Saint-Brieuc IUT;
  • The extension of the student mobility application agreement to the ESIR component, which is working closely with Saint-Brieuc IUT on the development of the Apprenticeship/Materials specialisation pathway at the Rennes and Saint-Brieuc sites.

The meeting was followed by a tour of the Franco-Japanese Management Centre, in the presence of Karine Picot-Coupey, its director.

Historical links

The University of Rennes has strong research and education links with Japan. It has been working with the University of Chiba, located near Tokyo, since the early 2000s in the fields of chemistry and ceramics: the first outgoing student exchanges were recorded in 2008 with the IUT of Saint Brieuc, the year the first framework agreement was signed, which was renewed in 2013 and again in 2018. This marks the 4th renewal of this agreement, which represents almost 15 years of cooperation between the two universities.

Since 2008, the framework agreement has been accompanied by a student mobility application agreement involving St Brieuc IUT, managed by Laurent Le Gendre and Professor Uekawa. This has enabled doctoral students from the University of Chiba to be hosted, as well as an end-of-DUT (2-year undergraduate diploma) internship for a Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) student from Saint-Brieuc IUT in a laboratory in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences at the University of Chiba.

The University of Rennes and the University of Chiba have also had a research training cooperation agreement since 2014, through the Graduate School of Engineering de Chiba and the Institut de Physique de Rennes, led by Professor Peter Krüger on the Japanese side, and Didier Sébilleau on the French side. This opportunity has enabled the IPR to host more than twenty students from Chiba between 2014 and 2019.

As a reminder, a delegation from the University of Rennes will be meeting with the University of Chiba during a mission to Japan in February 2023. Chiba is a multi-disciplinary university with a strong international commitment: all students are required to undertake international mobility to complete their degree course. A delegation of professors and lecturers, including Laurent Le Gendre, is currently there. A delegation of professors and lecturers, including Laurent Le Gendre, is currently in Chiba.

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