The President of Rennes University Receives an Award on the 105th Anniversary of Masaryk University, an EDUC Partner

On 28 January 2024, Masaryk University celebrated its 105 years in existence. On this occasion, tribute was paid to 31 prominent public and university figures, including the President of the University of Rennes, who was awarded a gold medal.
President David Alis receiving the Masaryk University Gold Medal from Rector Martin Bareš © Martin Indruch

On the occasion of the 105th anniversary of Masaryk University's foundation, 31 personalities from Masaryk University as well as prominent public figures were awarded Gold and Silver medals. Among those honoured was David Alis, President of the University of Rennes, who received an MU Gold Medal. This medal is awarded to prominent personalities from the fields of science, culture, higher education and public life, in recognition of their long-term outstanding contributions to their development, including their commitment to the fight for human rights and dignity.

An opportunity to take stock of the history of Masaryk University since its foundation. On this occasion, Martin Bareš, Rector of Masaryk University made the following declaration:

We have come together on this special occasion to commemorate the founding of our University. And to pay tribute to some of the personalities who have shaped and continue to shape this university through their work, spreading its good name and the ideas and ideals on which it is based. [...] Masaryk teaches us to draw strength, energy and hope from the stories of the past, from dialogue with our predecessors and from their work. And in the case of an institution like the University, this can be achieved in particular by cultivating the foundations on which it is based, which means, among other things, the ability to draw inspiration from our exceptional colleagues, the ability to learn from their ideas, their work and their results.

Masaryk University, a Long-Standing Partner

Relations between the University of Rennes and the Czech Republic date back to 1999, when an agreement was signed between the Faculty of Sciences and Properties of Matter (SPM) and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

This cooperation was later extended to other institutions, including Masaryk University, our main partner since 2014. We now have various exchange agreements involving both students and teachers in several fields.

Today, the University of Rennes offers two dual degrees in economics and administration with Masaryk University in Brno, a sister city of Rennes since 1965. These are namely, a Franco-Czech Master's Degree in Public Administration, and an International Master in Public Policies. Both programmes, accommodating up to 60 students, are a joint effort between the Faculty of Economics and Administration of Masaryk University and the Faculty of Economics and the Institute for the Preparation of the Civil Service Entrance Exam (IPAG) of the University of Rennes.

Masaryk University is also a strategic partner in the European EDUC Alliance. The EDUC gap year programme has boosted student exchanges in both directions. Cooperation within the alliance has also prompted the signing of new Erasmus agreements with the law school, Rennes Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE) and the mathematics school.