New laser sources for imaging

This is what is being developed by the partners in the European SUPUVIR project, an ETN (European Training Network) under the Horizon 2020 programme, and more specifically by the glasses and ceramics team at the Institute of Chemical Sciences in Rennes.
De nouvelles sources laser au service de l’imagerie


The SUPUVIR project brings together 10 partners: six universities, including the University of Rennes 1 with the glass and ceramics team of the Rennes Institute of Sciences (ISCR), and four non-university beneficiaries. Their goal is to train 15 doctoral researchers in a rapidly growing field, that of broadband fibre light sources.
Many disciplines are represented in this project in very different fields. These range from silica glass chemistry, to more exotic infrared glasses such as chalcogenide glasses, to the design and fabrication of optical fibres, from system modelling to the experimental characterisation of the new light sources produced. Marcello MENEGHETTI was recruited as a doctoral student within the ISCR's glass and ceramics team and under the responsibility of Johann TROLES. His thesis began in January 2017.


The objective of the 15 doctoral researchers is to study and develop new fibre laser sources in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared. These new sources could then be used for imaging, fine detection of chemical and/or biological species.
The strong mix of academic and non-academic sectors in the Consortium will give the PhD students in the project a unique opportunity to develop a wide range of technical and transferable skills. This will prepare them for long-term employment in academia and/or industry.

Identity card

European project SUPUVIR - HORIZON 2020 Programme - Marie S. Curie Action Curie Action
Name of the Scientific Leader: Johann TROLES
Laboratory / UMR: Institute of Chemical Sciences of Rennes - UMR CNRS 6226
Project duration: From 01/10/16 to 30/09/20 (4 years)