Launch of the French-Georgian University (FGU): Université de Rennes 1 key actor for implementation of new leading-edge trainings in Georgia

The French-Georgian University opens in september 2020. It is the result of the common will of French and Georgian governements to develop a new form of academic cooperation in Georgia
Université Franco-Géorgienne

Université de Rennes 1 and the genesis of the French-Georgian University project (2016-2019)

The FGU emerged on 26 May 2018, date of the centennial of Georgia’s independence, when was signed in Tbilisi an intergovernemental agreement between the French ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, and Mikheil Chkhenkeli, the Deputy Minister of Education of Georgia.

The idea of implementing French trainings in Georgia was born in 2016, as a result of the common will of the French ambassador in Georgia, Pascal Meunier, and the president of Université de Rennes 1, David Alis, to create an institution similar to the French-Azerbaijani University (UFAZ), in which Université de Rennes 1 has been taking part with providing courses from the Bachelor's degree « Exploration et Exploitation pétrolières » (oil exploration and development), taught by professors of the Universitary Institute of Technology of Lannion.

Following the French Armenian University and UFAZ, the French Georgian University will thus complete the French training offered by université de Rennes 1 in the Caucasus area, and also constitute an opportunity for students of surrounding regions such as Iran, to be able to get a French degree locally.

The French-Georgian University will be the equivalent of a University without walls, an academic entity providing and promoting trainings offered by French Higher Education Institutions. It is expected to grow in the coming years, integrating new Georgian or French members, or additional trainings. For instance, Université de Rennes 1 shall propose, in addition to its Bachelor « Food Technologie, production management in Milk Industry » taught at GTU from september 2020, a Master’s degree in Scientific Computing.    

Cooperations had already been initiated, including georgian students mobilities in the frame of a partnership with Tbilisi State University (TSU), which is, together with Georgian Technical University (GTU), the Georgian founder of the FGU. Université de Rennes 1 has thus hosted several georgian students, Sopio from Free University of Tbilissi (2016-2017), as well as Veriko, Ana et Tamari from TSU (2018-2019).


October 2016 : first visit of representatives of Université de Rennes 1 (Tbilisi)
26 may 2018 : signing of the intergovernemental agreement founding the FGU (Tbilisi)
June 2019 : Université de Rennes 1 organises a Staff Week, with a focus on International Credits Mobility (ICM), inviting staff from Georgian partner universities
6 April 2019 : Université de Rennes 1 participates in the launch of the promotional campaign of FGU, in parallel with the « Choose France » fair
2 december 2019 : signing of the official agreement for FGU launching (Paris)
September 2020 : official opening of FGU

Training courses in key sectors of the Georgian economy

The trainings that will be provided at the FGU from september 2020 have been chosen and thought through in order to meet the challenges of the Georgian economy, in key growing sectors.
The expertise of Université de Rennes 1 will thus be used in the Food industry field, providing courses of the professional Bachelor’s degree  « Food Technologie, production management in Milk Industry » taught by professors of the Universitary Technology Institute of Saint-Brieuc. At the end of their training, students will be awarded a double-degree, by Université de Rennes 1 and by Georgian Technical University (GTU).
In the frame of the FGU, other sectors will benefit from French training in partnership with Georgian universities :

  • Tourism (Master’s degree in Tourism and Cultural heritage offered by Université de lyon 2 and TSU)
  • Viticulture and Oenology (Master’s degree in Viticulture and Oenology offered by Université de Montpellier, Montpellier Supagro and GTU)
  • Computer Sciences (Bachelor’s degree in Computer sciences l’informatique offered by TSU)

The International Mobility of Credit programme (IMC): a catalyst for student mobilities between French and Georgian Higher Education

In addition to joint degrees provided by FGU, and Teaching mobilities of teachers from Université de Rennes 1 towards Georgian universities, strenghtening our cooperation also means increasing student mobilities.

Therefore, in order to increase mobilities for students, teachers, researchers and staff between the French and Georgian Higher Education Institutions, a Consortium has been created, composed by all the members of FGU, as well as five additional Georgian Universities (besides TSU and GTU). This call for projects, successfully selected by the European Commission in june 2019, will include 210 mobilities from september 2020, for a total budget of €720 480 for the Consortium.