Fighting Violence and Discrimination, Together

The University of Rennes is committed to promoting rights and equality for all. This November, the entire academic community is invited to join forces and take part in prevention and awareness-raising activities.
Mosaïque Orange Day 2022

Training on How to Better Respond

From 7 to 13 November: Stand Up workshops

The Stand Up programme has been designed to train both women and men on how to intervene when they are a witness or victim of street harassement. It is based on the 5Ds method: Distract, Delegate, Document, Delay and Direct. Both staff and students of the Rennes schools and universities are invited to take part in one of eight sessions led by the association RésoNantes.

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23 November: Web Conference on Employment, Women and Disability

Disability is the main reason for referring to the Defender of Rights for reasons of discrimination. Being a woman with disability can lead to numerous and compounding forms of discrimination which include difficulty accessing employment, workplace and personal prejudice, and even violence.
As part of the European Disability Employment Week and the Orange Day campaign, the University of Rennes, in conjunction with the Defender of Rights in Brittany, invites you to share ideas on the barriers that need to be overcome, preconceived ideas that need to be fought, but also on the means required to support professionalisation and equality as well as the building of bridges.

Thursday 23 November from 11:15 to 12:15 online - registration required

30 November: Projection/Debate on Breaking the Silence of the Amphitheatres

Stemming from an initiative by the Chemistry and Physics institutes of Rennes, the projection of the documentary Briser le silence des amphis (breaking the silence of the amphitheatres) will be followed by a debate where female students and staff members can tell their own stories about sexual and gender-based violence they have suffered within the university. This moment will be caught on camera by the filmmaker Lysa Heurtier Manzanares.

Thursday 30 November at 12pm Beaulieu Campus - registration recommended

Staying Informed: Sexism is not a Game, it's an Offence

En cours, le sexisme n'est pas au programme (sexism is not part of the academic programme) is the title of the second episode of a series of podcasts entitled "Campus à voix égales" (equal voice on campus).

The goal is to prevent and combat sexist and gender-based violence and discrimination by deciphering problematic situations.

For this episode, a student group from the IUT of Rennes, under the supervision of two teachers from the GEA department, examined the trivialisation of sexism and its ensuing consequences.

Expressing Support through Images

In France, the action days to combat violence against women (Journées d’action contre les violences faites aux femmes) are part of an international campaign held each year between 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and 10 December (Human Rights Day). Since 2014, orange is the official colour of this campaign, symbolising a better future and a fairer world, free of violence against women and girls.

Find out more about the Orange Day campaign supported by UN Women (French site).

After three successive and successful events, the Rennes universities and schools are renewing the operation with an online collective event to support the movement. Staff and students are invited to take part in the following way:

  1. Take a photo of themselves, alone or in a group, either with their arms crossed in a break-the-bias pose, or/and wearing an orange accessory
  2. Send the photo to egaliteatuniv-rennes [dot] fr before Friday 24 November, along with an authorisation for the free publication of the photo and possibly a short legend
  3. These images will be published from 25 November to 10 December 2023 on the university's social media accounts, and mentioning #OrangeDayFR and #orangetheworld.

Manuela Dumesnil, member of the Research and Innovation Department at the University of Rennes built a team called "les Gazelles Brétilliennes" to take part in the Trek'in Gazelles women-only trekking event.

We will be trekking from 8 to 15 November and our support concerns violence against women. I often think about Orange Day, which was one of the events that triggered our choice of which association to support.

For each trail marker that the participants collect, €5 will be donated to the French charity, Secours Populaire, in addition to the waste collected in the Moroccan desert over a trail of 80km.
The team wanted to go even further by supporting a Rennes-based association, ASFAD, which provides help and support to women who are victims of domestic violence.

Follow the trek live

Victim or Witness: How to Report a Situation

If you are aware of situations that could constitute sexual harassment or gender-based violence, do not hesitate to inform the relevant doctor. You can find more advice and answers to your questions in the handbook published by ANEF, CLASCHES and CPED (in French).

Secure email addresses managed by the doctors of the staff and student health services have been created.
Responses are given in a totally confidential manner by the doctors of these health services.

  • For students: vss-sseatuniv-rennes [dot] fr
  • For staff: vss-smutatuniv-rennes [dot] fr