Dignitour: a trip across Europe to ensure "a dignified reception of migrants in Europe"

Garance Foglizzo, law graduate, on a 5-month journey to meet young people, students, elected representatives and associations in 12 countries
Garance Foglizzo ©Arnaud Loubry, Rennes Métropole

A 25-stage train and bike trip

In 2022, as part of their Master's Degree, students in EU law at the Law and Political Science Faculty gave their support to a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) project, promoted by the city of Rennes. Among them, the 23-year-old Franco-British student Garance Foglizzo decided to take part by embarking on a 5-month tour of Europe by bike to make known the demands formulated in the petition "Ensuring a dignified reception of migrants in Europe".

The purpose of her journey, which was punctuated by encounters with associations, decision-makers, NGOs and young people, was to garner their support and take collective action for the dignified and humane reception of displaced persons. Garance will make a documentary on her return based on these exchanges.

In July, numerous encounters in Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Erlangen and Berlin

Garance began her journey in Strasbourg, a member city of the ANVITA network (Association Nationale des Villes et Territoires Accueillants-National Association of Welcoming Cities and Territories). There she met with elected representatives and discussed issues relative to accommodation, employment, and the learning of French.

At the Council of Europe, she was given access to resources such as reports, resolutions and recommendations to document and enrich her work.

In Frankfurt, her discussions with the support group of African women in Germany focused on the notion of citizenship, inequality and insecurity.


Her trip to Germany allowed her to interview people of migrant origin or those working with people of migrant origin. The personal accounts gathered highlight differences in the levels of racism and discrimination suffered by asylum seekers based on their skin colour.

She also discovered avenues to improve this situation. For example, volunteers from the NGO "zusammenleben Wilkommen" have to follow mandatory training. This inspired the Potsdam Elected Migrant Council in raising awareness among civil servants in foreign offices (the equivalent of France's préfectures).

This type of training could be proposed at European level for all civil servants, administrators, social workers and teachers dealing with immigrants.

Garance Foglizzo qui interview d'origine migratoire ou qui travaille avec des personnes d'origine migratoire © Garance foglizzo

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