Consortium France-Horn of Africa: Université de Rennes 1 wins a call for project

Université de Rennes 1's project, "Consortium France-Horn of Africa" towards implementation of joint trainings in Ethiopia and exploration towards Kenya has been selected by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and actions will be implemented starting from 2020.

A project meeting the challenges of African Higher Education evolution

The University of Rennes 1, in partnership with the University of Reunion (project carrier/initiator) and the University of Paris-Nanterre, is going to implement new actions with its african partners, to reinforce higher education in key sectors adapted to the growing educational needs in the region of the Horn of Africa. The consortium's project is part of the 17 projects that have been selected by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, from 200 projects.

ADEFSA (Appui au Développement de l’Enseignement Français en Afrique - Development Support of teaching French language in Africa ) call for application aims to respond to educational growing needs in Africa : in Ethiopia for instance, the number of students enrolled in an undergraduate programme has dramatically increased within the fifteen past years, from 30 000 students fifteen years ago, to more than 730 000 students today.

Innovative actions and reinforced collaboration between Université de Rennes 1 and its regional partners

The University of Rennes 1’s project is to set up actions in Ethiopia (University of Addis Ababa, University of Jimma, University of Bahir Dar) and in Kenya (Technical University of Mombasa); among which :

  • Helping increase local teacher's skills and qualifications
  • Providing online and in person-classes
  • Implementating of Joint trainings
  • Contribution to develop French teaching in the region (in partnership with Centre Français des Etudes Ethopiennes)

Together with Université de la Réunion and Université de Paris-Nanterre, Université de Rennes 1
The association of three french universities among with Université de Rennes 1 will enable to cover a broad range of  academic fields that will fulfill the various disciplinary needs in Ethiopia (among which Law, Health Sciences and Economics, for which Université de Rennes 1 will bring its expertise)  and the needs in Medical teaching in Kenya, and first actions will be implemented from 2020