The EDUC gap-year

The EDUC gap year is the possibility for students to carry out a gap year in their training in Europe, which allows them to combine a multidisciplinary university course with a unique cultural and personal experience
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Application deadline: 19 April 2023
Information meeting on Wednesday 5 April at 4pm - presentation of the EDUC gap year and the host universities
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What is the EDUC gap year?

Since 2019, the University of Rennes is part of the European Digital University (EDUC), which allows access to new forms of mobility, including the EDUC gap-year, a training gap that allows you to open your horizons and acquire new skills. The EDUC gap year is a one-semester educational break, with courses in the field of your choice, different from your original course (in English, in the language of the partner university or in other languages). The EDUC gap year allows you to build a unique and multidisciplinary academic pathway on a European scale, regardless of your initial course of study.

The gap year takes place in one of the member universities of the EDUC alliance in Europe:

Participating in the EDUC gap year will give you:

  • A disciplinary opening and the development of new skills thanks to the study of disciplines different from those of your degree;
  • A linguistic immersion in a country. Learning and/or improving the local language (Italian, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Norwegian) and English;
  • A European opening thanks to the discovery of dynamic student cities; enriching encounters and the discovery of different historical and cultural heritages;
  • The opportunity to develop your "soft skills" which will be an asset for your future professional integration;
  • Recognition of your experience with an EDUC certificate.
  • And much more of course!

It is the possibility of studying in a different way, in another European country, while discovering its language and culture, under privileged conditions.

It is also the possibility to take the time to reflect on one's academic career, while adding a new European dimension. The discovery of another field of study, as well as providing new knowledge, will allow you to refine your career path, and perhaps help you find your way.