The Doctorate Honoris Causa at the University of Rennes

Created in 1918, the title of Doctor Honoris Causa is one of the most prestigious distinctions awarded by French universities to honour "personalities of foreign nationality for eminent services rendered to the sciences, letters or arts, to France or to the university".

The University of Rennes resumed this tradition in 1973. To this date, more than 76 foreign researchers have been honoured. They bear witness to the constant concern for the internationalisation of research and teaching as well as to the will to develop a high level of education.

A ceremony designed as a meeting between prestigious scientists and new PhDs

Each year, the university's doctors are honoured during the same ceremony. Conceived as an exemplary meeting between doctors at the beginning of their careers and prestigious scientists of exceptional international renown, the ceremony has been combining since 2012 the awarding of the insignia of Doctor Honoris Causa and the presentation of diplomas to new doctors from the four doctoral schools of the University of Rennes.

To reflect the richness of these profiles and their work, the Fondation of the university publishes a booklet presenting all the theses defended between 1 January and 31 December. The Fondation's thesis prizes are also awarded to the winners during the ceremony.


The Honoris Causa doctors of the Université de Rennes 1

Year group 2015

Year group 2014

  • Professeur Axel Honneth (Germany)
  • Professeur Guy Poirier (Quebec)
  • Professeure Alison J. Downard (New-Zealand)

Year group 2013

  • Professeure Vivian Wing-Wah Yam (China)
  • Professeure Francine Lafontaine (USA)
  • Professeure Hélène Esnault (Germany)

Year group 2012

  • Professeur Gregor Von Bochmann (Canada)
  • Professeur Bernard Fleischmann (Germany)
  • Professeur John Frederick Dewey (USA)

Year group 2010

  • Professeur Bernard Remiche (Belgium)
  • Professeur Joachim Wolf (Germany)
  • Professeur Hong Yi (China)

Year group 2009

  • Professeur Alex Hansen (Norway)
  • Professeur Dan Popescu (Romania)
  • Professeur Richard R.Schrock (USA) Prix Nobel de chimie

Year group 2008

  • Professeur Goverdhan Mehta (India)

Year group 2007

  • Professeur Vidar Thomée (Sweden)
  • Professeur Hillel Furstenberg (Israel)

Year group 2005

  • Professeur Jean-Charles Chebat (Canada)
  • Professeur Alan S. Willsky (USA)
  • Professeur David Harel (Israel)
  • Professeur Luis A. Oro (Spain)
  • Professeur Michael Ian Bruce (Australia)
  • Monsieur Stuart John Anderson (Australia)

Year group 2003

  • Professeur Wolfgang A. Herrmann (Germany)
  • Professeur Tilo Schabert (Germany)
  • Monsieur Leslie Lamport (USA)
  • Professeur Wolfgang-Martin Boerner (USA)

Year group 2002

  • Professeur Arndt Simon (Germany)
  • Promotion 2001
  • Professeur James T. Jenkins (USA)

Year group 2000

  • Professeur Glyn Garfield Jamieson (Australia)
  • Professeur Rudolf Artur Pfeiffer (Germany)
  • Monsieur Wolf Peter Fehlhammer (Germany)
  • Professeur Maurice Brookhart (USA)
  • Professeur Ryoji Noyori (Japan) Prix Nobel de chimie

Year group 1999

  • Professeur Czeslaw J. Lewa (Poland)
  • Professeur Sierd Cloetingh (Netherlands)

Year group 1998

  • Professeur Lester Packer (USA)
  • Professeur Gerald Wasserburg (USA)
  • Professeur Henning Lund (Denmark)
  • Professeur Shun-Ichi Murahashi (Japan)

Year group 1997

  • Professeur David May (Canada)

Year group 1996

  • Professeur Alfred Hüller (Germany)

Year group 1993

  • Professeur Heindirk Tom Dieck (Germany)
  • Professeur Gilbert Ghex (USA)
  • Professeur Léon Dabin (Belgium)

Year group 1992

  • Professeur Per-Erik Werner (Sweden)
  • Professeur Helmut Oel (Germany)
  • Professeur Aloysio Janner (Netherlands)
  • Professeur Albert Cotton (USA)

Year group 1991

  • Professeur Brian Randell (United-Kingdom)

Year group 1990

  • Professeur Oystein Fischer (Switzerland)

Year group 1989

  • Professeur Edmund Chao (USA)

Year group 1988

  • Professeur Jozef Rohleder (Poland)
  • Professeur Thomas E. Starzl (USA)

Year group 1987

  • Professeur Roald Hoffmann (USA) Prix Nobel de chimie