Degrees awarded at the University of Rennes

DUT, bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctorate, engineering degree, health degree... The University of Rennes offers a rich and diversified range of more than 600 diplomas adapted to your career plans and professional integration.
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Bachelor's degree, Vocational degree, Master's degree, Doctorate

Bachelor's degree

The Bachelor's degree is prepared in 3 years after the baccalauréat. It consists of 6 semesters, each divided into teaching units: the UE. When you validate the knowledge acquired in a UE, the university awards you capitalizable and transferable credits. One semester corresponds to 30 credits (ECTS).

The teaching of at least one modern language is compulsory, but it is you who creates your own course and makes your choices as you progress through the university.

Vocational degree

A professional degree, the vocational degree is prepared in 1 year (2 semesters). Selective access (application and/or interview) open to holders of a French or foreign diploma of Bac+2 level, i.e. 120 ECTS (L2, BTS, DUT/BUT) or on validation of prior learning.

Master's degree

The Master's degree, accessible with a Bachelor's degree or any other French or foreign diploma corresponding to 180 ECTS. The Master's degree consists of four semesters, organised in the same way as the Bachelor's degree.


You can access the doctorate if you have a Master's degree. Doctoral students complete their training in one of the four doctoral schools of the University of Rennes for a minimum of three years. To find out more, click here

Other national diplomas

At the University of Rennes, you can also prepare the following diplomas:

Preparatory classes

The university awards diplomas, but it also prepares students for numerous competitive examinations, in conjunction with the ESPE of Brittany for the teaching professions (CAPES - CAPET - Agrégation), within the Faculty of Law and the IPAG (Institut de préparation à l'administration générale) for the administration professions and legal careers.

The University of Rennes is nationally recognised for its excellent success rates.

University and inter-university degrees

University diplomas are created by the University of Rennes. Initiated by the university's components, they are examined, evaluated and validated by the Cevu (Council of Studies and University Life) and the University Board of Governors, for a renewable period of 5 years.

University diplomas are one of the foundations of continuing education, particularly for the health professions. They also make it possible to develop new training sectors and can then be transformed into professional licences or masters.