Culture at University of Rennes

Arts, Science, Heritage and Collections

Culture at the university is based on the action of the Cultural Department (Service Culturel), a dedicated facility - the Diapason -, on the active participation of members of the entire university community, and on a dynamic of networks and partnerships.

Meetings between artists and scientists (staff and students) are laboratories of ideas that allow the decompartmentalisation of specialities. They are a source of original university productions (theatre, exhibitions, etc.) which contribute to exchanges between science and society. They also encourage student participation.

Open to the city, the cultural action of the University of Rennes invites all audiences to discover its varied programme (live performances, cinema, conferences and debates, exhibitions, etc.), and encourages students, through support for the associative dynamic and a resolute policy of accessibility and mediation, to open up to the cultural offer of the agglomerations and to get involved.