Central Campus

The Central Campus is home to the various Humanities and Social Sciences departments and faculties of the University of Rennes, located in the city centre. These are Law and Political Science, Economics and Management, and the Institute for the preparation for the civil service entrance exam. Sciences Po Rennes is also present on the campus.
Campus Centre


The following are located on the central campus:

With more than 8,600 students enrolled (i.e. more than 38% of the total number of students at the university), the Central Campus is the main training site of the University of Rennes.


Most of the research units and joint university/CNRS research units (UMR) in the humanities and social sciences that are part of the University of Rennes are located on the central campus. Only the CAPHI research centre (Centre Atlantique de Philosophie) and the CReAAH research centre (for archaeology, archaeosciences and history) are housed on Beaulieu campus.

Student Information Points

Run by on-campus students who are trained and employed by the university, the Student Information Points (PIE) are the place to find practical information (CROUS, CAF, mutual insurance companies, STAR, etc.) and good deals (cultural, associative, sports or scientific events run by the University of Rennes or by associations). A place of conviviality and exchange between students, these information points also act as a relay between students and the university services.

The Law and Political Science Faculty Information Point is located in the entrance hall of the faculty. The Faculty of Economics Information Point is located in the hall of building 2.