Bikes, metro, bus and self-service car

Studying in Rennes means benefiting from a wide range of activities that involve travelling: going to the campuses, practising a sporting activity, shopping, going out in the evening, etc. For a large number of students, it also means having to travel back and forth between their family home and their student accommodation. Knowing the range of transport options available gives you peace of mind when travelling, helps you save money and improves the environmental impact of your journeys. Here are a few keys to making the right choice of transport as a student in Rennes.
Un vélo à assitance électrique sur le campus

The KorriGo Services card

The central mobility tool in Rennes and Brittany is called the KorriGo Services card. In addition to bringing together bus and metro services (single ticket or subscription), TER and self-service bicycle services, it is connected to a range of services such as those offered by the Crous (including the Resto'U), university libraries, municipal swimming pools, etc.

The bike

The network of cycle paths and cycle parking facilities is fairly extensive in Rennes. Note: the Rayon d'Action association represents bicycle users to institutions, and also carries out various awareness-raising and bicycle engraving activities.

  • Purchasing of a bicycle

There are several ways of acquiring a bicycle. Firstly, there are many bicycle shops in Rennes and the surrounding area. In addition, bicycle exchanges are organised by the universities in September. They allow you to buy a bike at a lower cost. The association La Petite Rennes, located in the city centre on rue Chicogné, also offers its members second-hand bikes, as well as low-cost accessories (locks, lighting). BicycleTimes, located in rue Villebois Mareuil, also sells second-hand bikes.

  • Bicycle self-repair services

L’auto-réparation est un principe de mise à disposition d’un espace et d’outils adaptés pour réparer son vélo. Porté par des bénévoles passionné·e·s, le principe se base sur l’entraide et le partage de connaissance. L’association étudiante Ar Vuhez anime un atelier d’auto-réparation de vélo sur les campus de Villejean et de Beaulieu. La Petite Rennes, en centre-ville, propose également des services d’auto-réparation. Enfin, l’association de quartier de Bourg L’Evêque offre également ce type de service à certains créneaux dans la semaine.

  • Self-service bikes

LE Vélo Star est un service de location courte durée de vélo. Via un abonnement ou une réservation ponctuelle, chacun peut accéder à des vélos stationnés dans la rue, sur des bornes prévues à cet effet. Le temps standard d’une location est de 30 minutes, ce qui permet généralement d’effectuer un trajet urbain. L’avantage de ce système est de pouvoir faire des trajets uniques, sans avoir à ramener son vélo à la borne de départ. Il facilite aussi parfois les problématiques de stationnement.

LE Vélo Star propose aussi une offre de location longue durée pour des vélos à assistance électrique.

Public transport STAR, Illenoo, SNCF-TER

Via a monthly subscription system offering a fare for under 20s and 20-26s, it is possible to have unlimited access to the STAR bus and metro network in Rennes Métropole.

Beyond the urban area, the BreizhGo service of the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine offers buses from the bus station, located next to the SNCF station in Rennes.

The SNCF and its TER network also serve the department and the Brittany region.

Carpooling and carsharing

  • Carpooling

OuestGo is a local carpooling network in the Brittany and Pays-de-la-Loire regions. Specialising in home-work journeys, this website helps to optimise daily car journeys. Do you need your car to get to campus? Let someone else benefit from it thanks to carpooling. Looking for a way to get to university? Find out who makes the same journey as you and get in with them!

  • Car-sharing: self-service cars

Finally, in Rennes, it may be interesting to note the existence of Citiz Rennes, a car-sharing service for occasional use of the car (shopping, going to the sea, transporting equipment). This service is available by monthly subscription, subject to conditions.