Bike, Metro, Bus and Self-Service Car

Studying in Rennes means benefitting from a wide range of activities that involve travel: going to the campuses, practising a sports activity, shopping, socialising, etc. For a large number of students, it also means having to travel back and forth between their family home and their student accommodation. Knowing the range of transport options available gives you peace of mind when travelling, helps you save money and improves the environmental impact of your trips. Here are some tips to make the right transport choice as a student in Rennes.
Un vélo à assitance électrique sur le campus

The KorriGo Services Card

The KorriGo Services card is a must-have for getting around Rennes and Brittany. In addition to combining bus and metro services (single ticket or subscription), access to regional trains and self-service bicycle services, it is also connected to a range of services such as those offered by the Crous (including university restaurants), university libraries, municipal swimming pools, etc.


The network of cycle paths and cycle parking facilities is quite extensive in Rennes. There is also an association called Rayons d'Action which represents bicycle users in institutions, and carries out various awareness-raising and anti-theft marking activities in the city.

  • Purchasing a bicycle

There are several ways to acquire a bicycle. Firstly, there are many bicycle shops in Rennes and the surrounding area. In addition, bicycle exchanges are organised by the universities in September. These allow you to buy a bike at a lower cost. The association La Petite Rennes, located at 42 rue des Munitionnettes, also proposes second-hand bikes to its members, as well as low-cost accessories such as locks, lights and more. BicycleTimes, located in rue Legraverend, also sells second-hand bikes.

  • Bicycle self-repair services

Self-repair is based on the principle of making tools and a suitable area available for people to repair their own bike. This idea is borne by a team of passionate volunteers, and is based on mutual help and the sharing of knowledge. The student association Ar Vuhez runs a self-repair workshop on the Villejean and Beaulieu campuses. La Petite Rennes also provides self-repair services. The local association of the Bourg L’Evêque neighbourhood also provides this type of service at certain times of the week.

  • Self-service bicycles

Le Vélo Star is a short-term rental service provided by the city of Rennes. Users can access bicycles parked at terminals in the street, via either a long-term subscription or a one-time reservation. The standard rental time is 30 minutes, which is usually sufficient to complete one trip within the city. The advantage of this system is that users can rent a bicycle for a single trip, without having to return it to the initial terminal. This also resolves parking issues.

Le Vélo Star also provides a long-term rental service for electric bicycles.

STAR, Illenoo, SNCF-TER Public Transport Systems

Via a monthly subscription system offering a fare for under 20s and for 20-26 year olds, it is possible to have unlimited access to the STAR bus and metro network in Rennes Métropole.

Beyond the urban area, the BreizhGo service of the Department of Ille-et-Vilaine provides buses departing from the bus station, located next to the SNCF station in Rennes to local towns.

The French rail network SNCF and its TER regional network also serve the department and the Brittany region.

Carpooling and Carsharing

  • Carpooling

OuestGo is a local carpooling network in the Brittany and Pays-de-la-Loire regions. Specialising in home-work commutes, this website helps to optimise daily car trips. Do you need your car to get to campus? Let someone else benefit from it thanks to carpooling. Looking for a way to get to university? Find out who makes the same journey as you and get in with them!

  • Carsharing: self-service cars

Finally, in Rennes, it may be of interest to know about the existence of Citiz Rennes, a carsharing service for occasional use of the car (shopping, going to the sea, transporting equipment). This service is available by monthly subscription, subject to certain conditions.