Adjustments for Disabled Students

Support measures can help the disabled student to access the knowledge provided in the chosen course. They are recommended by the multidisciplinary team in response to the request of the disabled student.
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Access to Course Content

  • Note-taking by another student from the same class who provides quality lecture notes in handwritten or digital form.
  • Interpretation into French Sign Language (LSF) and coding into Complete Spoken Language (LPC) are compensatory measures for deaf or hard of hearing students, depending on their choice of communication mode.
  • The adaptation of documents which can be very different according to the needs of the student (enlargement of the font, use of Braille...).

Teaching and Communication Support

This support can complement that which is already provided to all students:

  • Tutoring, which aims to develop the acquisition of working methods.
  • Course revision, which can be entrusted to a student who is more advanced in the course or to a teacher, and which enables concepts developed in class to be taken up again
  • Assistance with studies, which is an accompaniment to personal work (organisation, tidying up courses, handling books in the library, etc.).

For certain disabilities causing speech problems, human assistance with oral communication may be necessary for the completion of certain educational tasks.