Accommodation and Food Services

On the messervicesetudiant website, you can find all the services available regarding student accommodation such as applying for a room in a CROUS residence, information on food services, and more

Accommodation in a University Residence

As an international student, you have two options regarding accomodation.

  • As an exchange student:

On Mobility online, you can choose between two types of student accommodation: an economic or comfort room. You can check the types of accommodation on the CROUS website.

  • As an individual student:

You can apply for a room in a hall of residence (CROUS) on the dedicated website. Please note that you need to be registered with the University of Rennes to do so. If you need any help regarding accomodation, please contact the CMI.

You can find all the information regarding accommodation here.

Rental Deposit

Finding a guarantor

A guarantor is a person who undertakes to pay your rent if you can no longer afford to do so. In France, French or foreign people who wish to rent a flat are almost always asked for a guarantor.

The VISALE rental system

The VISALE rental deposit allows people who do not have a guarantor in France or in Europe to provide an equivalent guarantee for the landlord if you are renting an apartment or a room in a hall of residence (see Campus France check-list).

The principle of Visale remains unchanged, it is a free guarantee for students and young workers under 30 years of age. When you apply, you are generally required to present a guarantor, often a member of your family, to set up the rental contract. For those who do not have a guarantor, Visale will take on this role for a period of 3 years, active for a maximum rent of €1,200 including charges.

University Restaurants and Cafeterias



You can find university restaurants or cafeterias on each campus.

  • Villejean campus

L’Erève restaurant, Cafèt Santé

  • Central campus

Cafèt Droit, Cafèt Le Fougère, Cafèt IGR

  • Beaulieu campus

L’Astrolabe, l’Etoile (currently being refurbished, due to reopen in 2025), le Diapason

Opening hours and location on the CROUS website

How to pay

Izly is the preferred method of payment in all Resto'U and Cafet'du Crous. You can load and reload it on Internet. You can also pay by credit card if you forgot to load it.

How to create an Izly account:

  • Retrieve the login that Izly sent to the e-mail address used when you registered for or to your educational institution
  • Activate your Izly account by logging on to

Withdrawal and activation of the card:

  • The Korrigo-services card is given to you by the University and you can activate it with the Resto U' staff

Help is Also Available

At any time of the year, the Crous can provide you with help in case of financial difficulties or if you have to stop sharing a flat, for example.