Academic Fields

Courses at the University of Rennes are based on three academic fields: science and technology, health, and humanities and social sciences

Science and Technology

This field, often referred to as "hard science", is taught at eleven schools at the University of Rennes:

Outside the IUTs of Lannion, Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo and ENSSAT, most of the science and technology courses are given on Beaulieu campus in Rennes.

One third of all students enrolled at the University of Rennes, i.e. over 8,500 students, are in science and technology courses.


The health courses (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy) are grouped together on the Villejean campus in Rennes. Although the first year of studies is common and includes midwifery, three separate schools manage the training provided in the health sector.

One quarter of the university's students are enrolled in health courses, representing over 6,400 students.

Law, Economics, Management, Political Science, Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences account for the majority of students enrolled at the University of Rennes, representing 43% of the total number of students, i.e. over 11,000 students.
Courses in Humanities and Social Sciences are mainly taught on the central campus of Rennes.

These courses are also taught in the four IUTs (Lannion, Rennes, Saint-Brieuc and Saint-Malo) and on Beaulieu campus (Philosophy school).