EDUC online course on Initiation to research

Are you attracted by scientific fields and research professions? Discover the EDUC online course that might be for you!

What is the online course about?

You will be initiated to the Scientific Approach and Critical Thinking in a very interesting and innovative way.

The self-study course is an opportunity to discover the scientific method, research professions and to deepen your capacity to think critically in all situations. The course is composed of 8 interactive and exciting ,online sections, with contributions from teacher-researchers from the European alliance. Sections last approximately 3 hours each so they are short and easy to manage and are open (in an asynchronous mode) for a 10-week period. The course will be run from 10th April until 16th June 2023. This course is open to all students, in an open access self-study approach.

This online module focuses on 8 different themes that are the following:

  1. Identification of a scientific question
  2. Bibliographic research and tools
  3. Selection of instruments to resolve a scientific question
  4. Basis of scientific integrity
  5. Presentation of the research professions and the means of accessing them in each EDUC Universities
  6. Elements of European research project
  7. Research Presentation
  8. Critical thinking

Who can register?

Any student from EDUC Universities who wish to benefit from this training. No prerequisite is needed
except a good knowledge of English (minimum B1 level). Registration is very easy.

How and when to register?

Registration is open from 21 March to 5 April 2023.

Click on the Lime Survey link to manifest your interest. You will then receive Moodle registration information between 6-7 April 2023.

Access between 10 April to 16 June 2023 at the latest to complete the course. For Bachelor students, full completion opens access to apply to the Internship

Why should you apply for?

It is a professional tool, it will help you with your studies, it will make you more employable, you will develop language skills, soft skills and you will benefit from an international experience. ECTSare also foreseen if you successfully complete the course.
- 1 ECTS for full completion of the Online Course
- 3 ECTS for full completion Online Course + Internship and presentation day (Bachelor students only)

To be noted: Recognition of the ECTS in your curricula depends on your home university

What is the Internship Week?

Bachelor students who successfully complete the course will be able to apply for a 1-week internship during the academic year 2023/2024. The internships will be accessible to undergraduate students only. A great opportunity to have an observational period within a research laboratory! Selected bachelor students will have the chance to interact with researchers and PhD students. The objective is to raise awareness on research issues and to develop a deeper understanding of job opportunities in research.

You will find out how a research laboratory works and will test the scientific hypothesis worked on in the virtual class. The internship can be done in a research laboratory of your home university or of one of the EDUC universities in Europe (mobility grants available). A Presentation Day will be organised for the participating students to present their experience. For the Internships, a separate communication will be sent to students who complete the online course and are interested in this additional opportunity.